Certainly, I wouldn’t encourage an entire group of folks to put so much bleach into our water systems. Chiming in with everyone else here, it really sounds like you're going to have to buy a new set of white. Nope When I went to hang them I realized something was wrong so I measured. But, my advise it to bleach it white first. Find the perfect decorative accents at Hayneedle, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way. Again, so sorry it didn’t work out for you! Environmentally-Friendly: Using highly technology to produce our products, it will be healthy and not cause harm to kids, pets and adults. Do you have two rows of ties on the back? Yield: 9' by 12' Piece of Bleached Drop Cloth. Would these still have light-blocking characteristics? I have cotton, mustard color sofa covers. If you are going to harp about this small amount of bleach, then go after all of the swimming pool owners, find a better way to treat potable water…, If people are really worried about the bleach in the water supply, there is a simple and cheap way to neutralize it before you let it go down the drain. Get slipcover here: Custom Sofa Slipcover. Finding beauty in our everyday life in the farmhouse, February 23, 2017 · Projects, Sewing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, Lisa! It may work out, but it’s a bit risky. The end result was similar to the first few we did for the sofa, but not the same. I tried this, and mine came out off white which bummed me out. DO- wash the curtains at least once afterwards. Amazon sells several different brands of 100% cotton drop cloths. Hi, love your slipcovers! So I had just discovered this same thing too! Also, I have never once ironed mine. DONTS!! of Synthrapol detergent per pound of fabric. Measure 8 cups of bleach and pour into the washer. Cloth 1, over 8 hours the first time, 12+ Now that we’ve covered no-sew couch covers as well as sofa slipcovers to order it’s time to focus the rest of our time on free sewing patterns. But even then, throw some yeast packets in there for last flush before a holiday or at night for few days of low flushing…you’re good again in no time. I purchased two drop cloths at Home Depot and I will follow your tips on bleaching and washing them,however I have some concerns. So I purchased the exact drop cloths you recommended and they are not bleaching white at all. Don’t rush it. Although time is good, I have noticed things going a bit yellowy if I let it sit too long. Perhaps light grey or blue. I got mine on Amazon, where they offer different sizes and what not. I figured it out after several complaints of cloths not turning white. Repeat this one last time, but only add laundry soap, no bleach. HI! Let me share my tips with you! Once the washer is full, add about a third of the bottle. I tried someone’s idea of sanitizing in the machine but that failed me too. If you can't take the time and effort ( I couldn't) to hang dry and iron them, then low heat or air fluff in the dryer with removing them promptly may work better. So, if you want to redecorate your home on the cheap, get your hands on some drop cloth and a couple bottles of bleach! That is the linen duvet from IKEA. Changing your sofa cover is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your couch. 39 - $47.99 $ 47 . You should care more about the women on so many hormones, birth control pills and tranquilizers (XANAX, etc…) urinating into that *same water system* that is in turn pumped back to us as “safe” drinking water. Our Sofa Covers offer amazing protection and comfort! If you commit a crime you don’t get away with it just because someone did something wouthat day. You want to virtue signal? Clean canvas patio furniture twice a season (when bringing it out of storage and before returning it to storage) and other times as needed. Looks great. Although they are cotton canvases, I found them to be a bit water-resistant until submerged for a while- which leads to me think about the chemical on them. of powder to 3 cups of water, and used an old sponge to work the dye into all the parts of the sofa that couldn’t be removed. I just bought one of the drop cloths that you have linked too (100% cotton, woot!) With creative people like us, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Anchengcraft Elastic Sofa Slipcover Spandex Couch Cover Chair Loveseat Furniture Protector Covers for Living Room, Pets, Sofa (12, 3-Seat 190-230cm(Sofa)) Brand: Anchengcraft Available from these sellers . I let the washer fill completely before adding any bleach. If you want some specific brands to dye your slipcovers, we have found out that Rit Dye , is a good brand and it’s very easy to get on Amazon. Cloth 2, 4 hours 1st time (thought maybe it was too much time before and was just experimenting), nope, again I did it over night not much lighter. Hi, . I am sooo glad you found such a great price for white canvas. Decided I have a front loading washer and I’d play with it to see what would happen. I used warm water. 4. Water treatment plants use much more than,that amount of bleach. Just a thought…have you tried this using cold water? I learn so much from you guys and your comments! I just did what you said and the wash cloth didn’t change the color a bit I want to hang these on my back porch to help with blocking sunlight. First time in my life I found myself wishing I had an at home eye-wash station. Our Sofa Covers offer amazing protection and comfort! It does get smelly. 4. Oh, I am so sorry Marisa. However, bleach is tough on fabric and that’s why I recommend that you use the minimum amount to get it to work. The brand really matters. I also did it with a few other 100% cotton items I had to the same effect. Has anyone tried bleaching a PB comfort slipcover?? I honestly have no idea why this didn’t work out for you. True story. If bleach didn't take the color out, you have wonderfully colorfast sofa colors. Plus, you know we will eat-a lot to keep our strengths h up! . It was enough, but still had to sit a long time to be effective. High elasticity, soft and anti-wrinkle, durable and long lasting. You can get a lifetime supply on amazon for $5-10. So, at this point, we are talking $100 for all the furniture in our living room. I think that is the difference in getting it to work. It is pretty much totally white. It wasn’t until later that I read your post on the birth of your son. It is the only reason I ever use bleach in my home..EVER. I think they changed their product and I’m so disappointed. That has never happened to me, but what a bummer! I love drop cloth , If you have not dried the cloth with the paint use hand sanitizer to remove it with a old tooth brush just rub it in and wash. This sofa slipcover has so many customization options you can practically make your dreams come true. Each one came out the same way and I used the same methods I used before to make the slipcover. I too used to have a front loading washer and a deep desire for white drop cloths. I love this idea so much, but I can make different choices to decorate and come close to the same aesthetic. At least in my experience! Velvet is one of the easiest fabric types to dye because its fibers absorb color extremely well. Sofas – they’re our second home in a home. First want to say I love your website and videos. I think 6-8 hours is a good rule of thumb. I did not know this, since I have only ever used this brand from Amazon. After soaking for at least 7 hours, maybe 8, the color did not change one bit. The dropcloths I used are not the ones as Lisa’s. Then, I pull the knob out and let it sit to soak for several hours. and changes forever the biological and chemical balance of the aquatic environment it enters. My curtain panels were perfectly white within TWO hours. Still better than what my couch was but not the bright white I was hoping for. They bleached BRIGHT white within a few hours. Anything would help. Long story short, when Hubs and I went to pick it up it was no longer white but it was loaded up for us anyway. Any tips on how to achieve the same color on all three? Oh no worries Mari! I love your end results, just lovely! I also added some fabric softener five hours later when they still hadn’t lightened any (Because at that point I figured why not). I had lots of problems, lol. Also, did you cut the fabric in half. I even repeated the process more than once. my drop cloth bench makeover in this post, pillow insert for the IKEA tea towel pillows. I put one half of the drop cloth piece into the washer, put it on hot, and set it on the largest size load setting. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I don’t like to fill my house with all those bleach fumes. Do you have a source for seamless drop cloths? From my understanding the hot water is crucial to the whitening process. Can you help me to get them white please? 2. You’re great at it. Do you have any tips for stubborn drop clothes that just won’t bleach out? Just my thoughts. But thanks for this tutorial/information, it did help – and maybe my info can help someone else. I think this was a bit more than needed as the fabric is fragile now. At about $2 per yard, bleached drop cloth is … I learn so much from you guys and your comments! They measured 7’5″ after drying
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