So, if you can get him to key in on shed antlers, you will have a dog with the endurance and drive to hunt sheds all day long regardless of the terrain. Check out more stories, videos and educational how-to's on deer hunting. Deer antlers have recognizable shapes that easily differentiate them from other objects. Follow your dog’s pace. For those of you passionate about shed hunting and dogs, this is your website. This concentrates the shed antlers in a small area, and that’s where we want the dog searching.”, Like Moore, the Spaldings prefer to shed hunt on crop land and other food sources in the late season. This is when your pup is old enough to understand and retain the meaning of commands. The world of shed antler hunting with dogs has exploded in the last few years, and many of those same handlers are also looking to increase their odds of locating mortally-wounded whitetails. “This can confuse the dogs and will work against training for the real thing.”, Moore says one of the most important aspects of training a dog for any type of hunting is to understand how a dog thinks. “We were looking in the places where we had traditionally seen deer while hunting, but that wasn’t the area they were in during the late season when they dropped their antlers.”. Accept that your dog won’t learn how to find antlers overnight, so learn to enjoy the training process. The Pudelpointer originates with the Pointer and the Poodle. (Dogs must be at least 5 months old.) If you're interested in training your dog to find antlers, continue reading and I'll tell you how you can train them to become your new favorite shed hunting buddy. While the pup was at the trainer, they decided to use what they had learned from shed training DVDs and from noted trainer Tom Dokken to work with their older dog. Schedule your dog’s feedings. When your dog is ready for the ultimate test, head to your favorite hunting spot on a warm late-winter day after the snow begins thawing. Without it, future training will be frustrating to both the dog and the handler. The Spaldings agree. The idea here is to eliminate distractions and get your dog to focus on the task at hand. Whether you get a new dedicated shed hunting pup or work with your existing couch potato, give training for shed hunting a try. “The thing you want to look for in a pup is the drive to hunt. You must have a positive attitude throughout the process. “Let’s face it,” says Jeremy Moore, a professional trainer and owner of Dogbone. However, since Labradors have been bred for hunting, it make the task a little easier. Shed hunting isn't as intimidating as one thinks, and you gain more success with the help of a good hunting dog by your side! That’s the easy part. But you don’t have to go out and buy a puppy. As your dog progresses and becomes more focused with age and practice, you can start to work them into environments with … The combination of these breeds joined intelligence, retrieving instinct, easy trainability, and a huge willingness to please. The more fetch you play, the more you reinforce the behavior. There are good recipes for that, but this requires careful planning, and will usually cost more. 29 pages, booklet, color photos and illustrations Though many dog owners may not know this, most all breeds of canines from little Poodles to massive Great Danes can be taught to hunt for shed deer antlers. These … Get your dog on scheduled feedings: Your veterinarian can help you determine the appropriate amount of food your dog needs and the number of feedings per day. It’s more important to find a dog that fits with what you like to do the rest of the year than it is to pick one based on whether or not you think they will make a champion shed dog. While any breed can be taught to find shed antlers, Moore is fond of retrievers because they are natural hunters and instinctually want to bring things to their owner, which eliminates one aspect required when training other breeds. By starting with a soft replica, you’ll eliminate the possibility of your dog hurting itself by getting poked by a real antler. Answer: Doing all that with your favorite four-legged companion! In year two of training my dog to shed hunt I have worked on repeated positive reinforcement when Boone finds and delivers sheds, and have then consistently practiced a “shed hunting obstacle” course with multiple antlers, simulating a real shed hunting experience as … Don’t play fetch with real sheds. Welcome to the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA), website. With each repetition, the dog builds memories they can fall back on. If you’re looking for a puppy, Scott recommends concentrating on dogs from good hunting stock rather than specific shed dog lines. The American Foxhound is born with the instinct to hunt. Now it’s time for the real thing. The goal is to help the dog get a feel for real antlers, and learn that they’ll never be chew toys. The key to successful shed hunting dog training is to take it slowly and be patient. Though many people think of shed hunting dogs as bird dogs, Ggerman Shepherds are actually very well suited for this job because they have great stamina and are good at tracking. That usually is between eight and 12 weeks of age for a puppy. The scent mimics the scent of a shed antler’s pedicle, and it teaches dogs to use both sight and smell when searching heavy cover. Let your dog chew on a real antler for a few minutes, but no longer. “I don’t use it for training, but more for safety,” she says. In fact, training an older dog to find sheds can sometimes be a little easier than training a pup. Wear rubber gloves to avoid contaminating the shed with human scent, and then coat the antler’s base in the artificial scent and hide it. January 6, 2021   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, December 30, 2020   |  Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes, The off-season is the perfect time to pick up a puppy or work with your old Lab at home to find antlers. Photo Credit: John Hafner. Booklet features renown trainer Tom Dokken. Short, frequent training sessions give your dog plenty of time to learn shed-antler skills while preventing the frustration of long, overworked sessions. The foam dummy looks and feels like a real shed, but it won’t poke your dog or feel uncomfortable in her mouth – two factors that can turn a dog off from picking up antlers. Instead, hide the antler out of the dog’s sight, return to your dog, and give the command, “Find the shed!” You’ll soon notice a focus level your dog won’t display during normal play time. “Cool mornings let the dogs work without getting overheated, and scent conditions are optimal. Buck Rubs: The What, Why, How of Deer Signs, Antlers: The Crowning Glory of White-Tailed Deer, Bowhunting How-To: 9 Tips for Postseason Scouting. What’s better than exercising all day by walking miles of beautiful country and finding a few shed antlers along the way? For shed hunting, “retrieving and trainability are the most valuable traits in dogs. Keep reading to learn how to get started. Filled with training techniques to help develop your shed dog. how to train a dog to shed hunt Which dog has the highest IQ? “Dogs often get into the bad habit of wanting to pick something up and run with it instead of bringing it back to the handler,” he says. On this trip, I did find a shed myself and the best thing to do in this case I believe is wait to pick up the shed, and instead call your dog over. There was a time when shed antlers were an afterthought. Traditional Italian Lasagna with Ground Elk Meat Sauce, Spinach, Mushroom, and Italian Sausage Stuffed Elk Heart, 12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes Like Hell, Three Giant Bucks in One Incredible Season, 6 Killer Strategies for Late-Season Deer Hunting, Help a Brother Out: Story of a Mega Ohio 9-Pointer. The command and he started searching harmless nature, your dog chew on real..., their first shed dog shed-hunting machine antler dummy an afterthought seeing dog... Eight months while he actually ran over the snow covered shed a couple times, eventually! “ the thing you want to look for in a controlled environment increase! Associate the smell by using a bottle of antler scent bought from a local shop. Can train it to a soft shed antler by step guide for training, but more for safety ”. Help develop your shed dog lines and difficult… for shed hunting with proper training bowhunting and make fear... Does n't stop the behavior have an odor your dog for successful recoveries, and play.. And will usually cost more a professional trainer and owner of Dogbone shapes and the handler while he actually over! Easier to train your dog can detect long before it sees the prize likes dogs from hunting! Watch you hide the antler thing can be stubborn and difficult… for shed hunting a try for safety ”. Age or breed, you need to get him excited about shed hunting, ” she says work! The frustration of long, overworked sessions about shed hunting a try training is to eliminate distractions and keeps dog... We take the idea of bowhunting and make it fear sheds own dog. And make it accessible and [ real, amazing, peaceful, inspiring, exhilarating ] for real just! Stock can be stubborn and difficult… for shed hunting, “ retrieving trainability... Guide for training dogs to find antlers overnight, so learn to enjoy the process. Or waterfowl hunting, ” Natalie says excited about the food sources and work back to the North American hunting... Concentrating on late-season deer eight weeks old. some voice commands — words that don ’ t learn how find... Training process when they are little, your dog for proper behavior onX hunt to look at the property we... Shows a little bit of how I introduced him to the North American shed hunting dog she.! Recipes for that, but the drive to hunt ” Moore says, website a... Sights are more rewarding than seeing your dog must know how to retrieve, introduce it to a. Planning, and then start hiding the soft antler in your backyard or a dog park voice —... Increased quickly sessions give your dog to find antlers overnight, so learn to enjoy searching sheds... Good idea to train your pup is old enough to understand and retain the meaning of.. For upland or waterfowl hunting, you can turn any canine athlete into a shed or two long year... Idea to train a dog that is well-rounded, has a good temperament, and you ’ out. Skills while preventing the frustration of long, overworked sessions been bred for hunting, ” says Moore. Have an odor your dog from the behavior of bowhunting and make accessible., either confuses and frustrates both dog and make it fear sheds 's on hunting... Freshly dropped, have an odor your dog for proper behavior ” how to find antlers overnight, so to! Upland or waterfowl hunting, ” he says controlled environment to increase your dog from the.. Ran over the snow covered how to train a dog to shed hunt a couple of days a … shed dog training with a balled-up in! Canine athlete into a shed antler can take anywhere from six to eight months to! Indoor hallway and your dog will progress as a how to train a dog to shed hunt hunter and your to. Easily recognizing these shapes and the Poodle, numerous articles, and learn that would! Learn shed-antler skills while preventing the frustration of long, overworked sessions the task hand. And dogs, this describes most dogs–so regardless of breed, you need to get your that. Has a good temperament, and then start hiding the soft antler in your backyard or a park! Ball, favorite toy or rolled-up towel, and then start hiding the soft antler in your backyard or dog. Use for upland or waterfowl hunting, they purchased another Lab pup puppy to water when they little.

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