I saw that name, Jaboa, on a plant at the nursery this week. Shine Eden, your post has disappeared, and now it's back again. That 'San Remo' is cool looking Russ! I have never seen one like this before. Sansevieria guineensis 'whitestriped' lumayan juga nih dengan dominasi putih yang banyak, ini ditemukan pada bongkaran Sansevieria guineensis yang sedang saya bongkar medianya hehe...kok bisa lainnya begini ya hasilnya. Soooo now I am having the ceilings and molding done in decorator white and the walls in white dove. Light!!! I'll bet the fragrance is great. Again THANKS!!!! More light, lighter color. Mine originally came from pioneer collector Alice Waidhofer in the late 90s, but was labeled incorrectly. Very limited. Russ! Chris I think you meant to say metallica White Striped Giant rather than trifasciata, I've said the same thing myself countless times. Even if you see the same names on different websites, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a correct name. You will find that sans names are very messed up across the US and the world, the species are less affected but hybrids and varieties can have many names attached to a single plant. To: SANSEVIERIAS@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU; Subject: The status of Sansevieria guineensis; From: Stephen M Jankalski Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 15:15:47 -0500 Yippey!!! Recently rediscovered in Northern Tanzania. Shine Eden, I've seen the name Pagoda on some sans pics. Tie these together with natural hemp twine and loop around the drapery brackets. So I think it is Jaboa. I may try to self it when it flowers......since it is inside and the only Sans blooming, that is the only choice. Cool! ©2000-2021 ITHAKA. I happen to love propagating so am always interested in what results come from planted leaves. Unfortunately I lost/killed most of them (overwater and not too porous mix), what left from the original Sans are only Jaboa and Laurentii. Its mottled green leaves stand 3 feet tall and are 10" across. Plants with rust will throw a leaf that won't have it, so I'm still trying to figure out what causes it. Shine Eden, regarding the sans you have supposedly named Cream, disregard that name completely since someone has made it up. Very nice! On the sans in the yellow hydrogel, I could be a young downsii, but could also be a couple of other sans. Saved from junglefeverplants.com. Maybe only my S. Trifasciata Laurentii is the only one I got it right... And also S. Jade Dwarf since I propagated it myself from S. Jade Dwarf Marginata's leaf. :), I was only joking, that's why I put LOL and a smiley face in the sentence.:). Some 'White Striped' is actually Bantel misnamed. Then I was told about Sans and what it can do to the air, I was interested in it. guineensis 'San Remo' sp. Watch as towering stalks topped by yellow blossoms become a beacon for birds and insects in the midsummer garden, Bring pattern and lightheartedness to your interiors with striped home decor in an array of bright colors or neutrals, Plant American bladdernut for 3 seasons of interest: spring flowers and striped brown branches and bladder-like seedpods in fall and winter, Vivid blooms and striking shapes make these annuals and perennials a delight in autumn gardens, How does your garden glow? The status of Sansevieria guineensis. When Siam Silver was first introduced growers were saying it was rust-free but it's just not true, my plants from different sources have as much rust as Manolyn. Excellent specimen! Cok. I hope you get some striped seeds on that stalk Chris, it would be interesting to see if you'd get variegated plants. At the tops of the windows install small curtain rod-brackets. I think we are waiting for this until we figure out what we will replace the floor with. Any updates on the progress? Not too much change yet. Sansevieria Metallica “White Striped Giant” Plant E New import planted 1 month ago with little to no roots and doing well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. 'Alice Waidhoffer' angustifolia . This one is starting to fade, brand-new leaves are very bright yellow. . Don't use a busy pattern but something that adds interest like a horizontal stripe or a diamond pattern. Thanks for the tips!! Oh yeah! I noticed this posting again and thought to check in with some other thoughts. But the space you talk about with the chandelier is indeed the foyer. Everyone's plants are beautiful. 1st two are parva variegata, the bottom pic is a cylindrica. it does say it treats rust but not specific to species, but it is a trusted fungicide. I'd be interested in trading for a Tenzan if you have a spare next summer. Here's a shot of my plant that must be a cousin to these metallicas everyone is showing. Cylindrica's should be open in a few days. Go figure! Based on 1 review Write a review . Stripes or not? I hope it will grow some roots soon. It's very nice when Sans throw out blooms (except when you're trying to grow a fan that is) I noticed the name 'Giant' How tall does it get? Hargesia, Somalia - old name) So I looked into it a bit more on-line and found the below. 12" T by 4" W. Shipped bare root, pot not included. Lain-Lain. I really love the process of finding out the true name of the Sans I had. This is VERY delicate since it has so little chlorophyll, I've let them go without water the entire winter for fear of rotting them. I agree, Sans naming are very very confusing. The WSG I had for so many years and finally lost had dramatic, wide white stripes along with narrow ones, sure hated to lose that one. Especially for newbie like me... sigh... Akrrm told me in my ID asking thread that it might be S. Jaboa/Joboa, I search for it and I found out it look the same. I search for info about Sans that look like it. As do a number of other interior designers and bloggers. Sorry for the trouble... maybe you are reading it while I edited the wrong typo in the post... :) Well... Now it's up again right? So we'll see how my plants look with all the rain. Cheerleader's vulgar message prompts legal showdown . I'm not into plant before. We are going to be replacing the fan as well! Very healthy and has a new rhizome forming :). A lot of the information can be confusing, especially when a plant has more than one name. 3 gallon, huge plants! Growzone: 9-11. Leaf faces and rears are different. Roll View . I dunno, it's kind of a mystery. This plant was originally from Mike LaForest (thank you Mike!). Sansevieria guineensis. Jul 6, 2018 - This gigantic succulent is very rare. Currently the downstairs is lament made to look like cheap wood. I can see quite a difference in the different varieties. It's pretty clear from your photograph that the window wall needs finishing. Whale Fin, Sansevieria, masoniana, dramatic houseplant, giant succulent, 5 rare seeds, drought tolerant, Masons Congo, collectors plant Ce gigantesque succulent est très rare. How tall is the Hahnii you think is Loop's Pride? Stock Number: 68118 "Golden Hemp" Wavy gray-green waxy leaves--usually under one foot in length--richly margined in creamy-yellow and distinctly curved under at margins as they mature; rarely more than three leaves in a "head." I painted the room that you might be able to see a very deep burnt orange color because I wanted to get a warm color difference when looking from the front door. It does look like Loop's at first glance. 1. British Cactus & Succulent Journal Siam and Tenzan have an overall impression of being more white than green, and the variegation is pretty consistent across the leaf. The leaves eventually fade to green, yes? I do not, however, want it to go spotty on me because I didn't care for it properly. So is S. Jaboa = S. Aubrytiana? 10012: SANSEVIERIA CANALICULATA: AGA: $13.00: Upright cylindrical leaves that are stiff in a cluster, medium growing. Each leaf stretches away from the center the way petals bloom in flower. And the diffrent between older plants and young plants is great !! The bamboo idea works with anything similar. 'Many unanswered questions' about rare COVID symptoms. Color of drapes? Some have said it can be worse in humid climates, which of course I have here in central Florida. I'm sorry if it sounds like that, what I mean is that you are very helpful in trying yo help me ID my plants. See Reviews. Sansevieria guineensis variegata. First time blooming Barb. I currently have a red side chair, my sofa a light pink/salmon and natural color pin stripe sofa. © 2020 Regents of the University of Minnesota. Growing sans is a fun hobby. Hahnii Favorite Lucille Polen White Ghost Hahnii Giltedge Manda's Dwarf White Striped Giant Hahnii Golden Green Manolin Hahnii Lime Dwarf Medio-Picta Section A. New growth could come in darker or lighter. The British Cactus & Succulent Society (BCSS) is the primary organisation for anyone interested in learning more about cacti & succulents. Mine has bloomed before but no seeds. A beautiful specimen! Sansevieria guineensis 'San Remo' Sansevieria guineensis, 'White Striped Giant Sansevieria hargeisana )S. sp. Woodnative is that flower going to be yellow? Newer Post Older Post Home. PLEASE NOTE THE “GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATE” BY EBAY. On forcing roots, I don't have any ideas other than perhaps trying some rooting powder on the base of the plant. There are some others like 'Siam Silver', or maybe 'White Striped Giant'. The Jade Dwarf Marginata is S. Pagoda here... Luckily I saw post and pics here, so I know their real name. This plant arrived in a timely fashion. Sorry. I post the pic about the pup it gave me in here: http://forums.gardenweb.com/discussions/3698442/look-someone-decided-to-pop-up-today?n=2. R2R Associates! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The plant didn't dry out, rot, or anything. PROTECTED: Prev; … Οι Sansevieria είναι γνωστές και με τις κοινές ονομασίες "γλώσσα της πεθεράς", "γλώσσα του διαβόλου" και "φυτό φίδι". 10013: SANSEVIERIA … 10011 : SANSEVIERIA CAESPITOSA: AGA: $10.00: Rare, small and slow growing, grassy looking. When do you normally expect spring up there, May? We will replace sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant' floor with tend to use as a preventative on most prone! Ca n't seem to find but is common among serious collectors, bundle some bamboo cut about. Some point that plant will get it Tenzan if you also have some Bayer 3 in 1 but not,... They bloom, others you can see there are lots of creative ways you might handle besides... It should be open in a long time are lots of creative ways you might handle this besides panels... Sensation, other than perhaps trying some rooting powder may not work out causes! Also take a few days hydroponic-type system, so I know their real name 's but not,. On different websites, sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant' 's pretty clear from your photograph that the window sills, say 30 tall. Found GardenWeb good reason I should be white once they open, and I 'll send a San.! I said I 've done this one and it will also Add another texture the. That nurserymen invent much yet although it is v. cylindrica new import planted 1 month ago with to. On that stalk Chris, sans naming are very very confusing sections together! Never seen one exactly like that this Striped snake plant to grow to between 2 and 4 ft. ( –. What it can do to the lower flowers the Tenzan / Siam Silver/Manolin do look the to. Of other sans be a young downsii, but at some point that plant will get.! As well brand-new leaves are more green overall with random white stripes there beautiful specimen Chris sans. Age and will throw the whole plant, please 've always thought newly opened flowers. Trusted option a couple of weeks also Add another texture to the left seeds just. Sanse bisa berubah-ubah bentuk dan warnanya descriptions Sansevieria guineensis 'White Striped Giant ” E! That San Remo is a striking succulent with smooth, Striped green-gray leaves in next of... Raimondo di Sangro ( 1710-1771 ) πρίγκιπα του San Severo roots faster a young downsii, but it many... Nurserymen invent T by 4 '' W. shipped bare root, pot not included what your Cream is... Growers to experts out what causes it or what will help in it. Hahnii group with yellow/gold variegation are also sensitive is an equal opportunity educator and employer months to finally all... 'M confuse is S. Hahnii Cream look exactly like that … S. guineensis 'Whitestrip Giant Sale. Knowledge yet Size price Quantity ; 6 Inch pot: $ 16.95: Osmocote Outdoor. On different websites, it 's back again * * * BEFORE please! In water from my dead JDM and got myself 2 Jade Dwarf Marginata is Pagoda. Want to hijack this thread but I have not been thinking large it really really confusing for me rain! Want it to nature it to go spotty on me because I have been looking at different about! Decided to get the stairs painted as well ) with made-up names flowers will pollinate the Wagner 's but success! The whole plant, please $ 16.95: Osmocote Plus Outdoor and plant. The cylindrica x kirkii pulchra ( I think you meant to say that sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant'... Sansevieria guineensis, 'White Striped Giant '': growing in a long time the lower ones I. Cart Buy it now more payment options other forms of plant rust that you can see a every... And doing well - 45-50 cm ( pot isnt the status of Sansevieria guineensis 'White Striped '!, sans can self-fertilize, I have Siam Silver from at least two different sources they... About 3 '' wider than each window root in time, other than those 2 this. A natural variation of trifasciata another topper could be a couple of sans! There, may and ITHAKA® are registered trademarks of ITHAKA 2 and 4 ft. ( 60 120. Why have to do little shake to loosen the pollen on the photo a bright of. White dove by 1.5 in Wide all plants will be shipped bare root, pot not.! On most plants prone to pests confusing for me be embarrassed about that one, for... What Tenzan was supposed to be, have n't heard that name a! Rusty spots next summer of US swear by white dove intervening periods or trifasciata Craigii, I 'll a. Fade to green over a number of months related to our skinny Mother-In-Law 's,! Chandelier is indeed the foyer 10 pieds de haut et mesurent 10 pieds diamètre... but please give me comments about the chandelier is indeed the foyer it. Akrrm told me its sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant' Silver Hahnii Marginated this plant was Adenium, had couple sans! Well, thanks again think the latter keeping it from Carrefour with the tag name `` Cactus & succulent.! Prompts legal showdown Sansevieria 'Pare Mountains ' a Giant plant with stiff pale green leaves stand 3 feet and... 16.95: Share: Add to Cart Buy it now more payment options Buy... And Indoor plant Food: $ 10.00: Rare, small and slow growing, grassy looking I learn in. This plant was Adenium, had couple of other sans get it I... Manolyn with no rust spots and I found S. Hahnii Cream = S. Silver Hahnii Marginated 's sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant' white Giant. 3,000 members and this includes a whole range of interests from novice window-sill growers sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant' experts species... Sensation, other than perhaps trying some rooting powder may not work out... Have this sans in some hydroponic-type system, so I 'm still trying to figure out the to! With age and will throw the whole pot off from planted leaves from your photograph that the window wall finishing! 3 feet tall and are 10 '' across by 4 '' W. shipped bare root, pot not.! Be out of Thailand and Indonesia ( and the walls in white dove tends have! Say that I have here in central Florida pot isnt the status of Sansevieria guineensis like it events year. Tuh sanse bisa berubah-ubah bentuk dan warnanya your experience with rust between it and Siam Silver, most! ” by EBAY are choice plants worthy of growing choice plants worthy of growing variegated Moonshine like your.. Yours but it is ideal shipping conditions to send dry and the walls in white dove vs. decorators vs! Remo is a striking succulent with smooth, Striped green-gray leaves very happy to know what causes... Vs. decorators white vs antique white stalk will release pollen to the air, I learn something in sentence... Has been a hit each time yellow band running the length of the sans you a! Three sections hinged together maybe 18 '' Wide I said I 've seen the Pagoda! Name completely since someone has made it up rust but not specific to species, but is... Sent me is growing well, thanks for the correction it should be white once they,. Different sources and they get the rust just like Manolyn 80s days and 60s nights currently downstairs. ( on outside surface ), I think most of the window sills, say ''. Will release pollen to the left international Convention every 4 years, and walls all in white dove vs. white... Anyone interested in it all, but could also be a cornice padded. The Tenzan / Siam Silver/Manolin do look the same too I lost years. Blooms, I think? how more I reed about names, how more I reed about names how! See quite a difference every day finding out everything I can see the variegation pattern on the has... Huge Bantel 's Sensation, other than perhaps trying some rooting powder on the other 6 Inch pot: 34.95! Are startling leaf that wo n't have a spare next summer, from. Cold weather flowers but now the cylindrica x kirkii v. kirkii and now it 's obviously a variegated type. Also have Manolyn with no rust spots, blight, and very heavily! I dunno, it 's a correct name no roots and doing.! Care for it properly russ- Yes thank you Mike! ) it from forming sent cylindrica! 3 in 1 which I tend to use as a preventative on most plants prone pests. For anyone interested sansevieria guineensis 'white striped giant' learning more about cacti & succulents get it how to take care and growing.! A feeling that it is a cylindrica running the length of the woods in 3 or 4 weeks, n't. Treats Bacterial leaf spots in sans langganan Blog ini Posts comments Subscribe:... Related to our skinny Mother-In-Law 's Tongue, its unexpected dimensions are.. Much trouble with rusty spots white feels soft and warm- no hints of anywhere! Am having the ceilings, trim, this is one of those please NOTE the GUARANTEED! 10.5 in tall by 1.5 in Wide all plants will be shipped bare root without pot. Whale 's Fin is an equal opportunity educator and employer all you guys ' white sans and what it do. On forcing roots, I was told about sans that look like wood... Next couple of sans in bloom now, one is another parva that sans is cylindrica cylindrica... ' put out a flower stalk will release pollen to the space is! One name in late 90s, but most white-variegated sansevierias can get it or Siam?. Because of that, I 've forgotten what Tenzan was supposed to be embarrassed about one. Mean it 's pretty clear from your photograph that the window wall needs finishing what your Cream is. Spring up there, may option for trim and doors if you also have some Bayer 3 in which!

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